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Yupukari - Caiman House

AddressYupukari Village, North Rupununi, Region 9
  • +592 226 2085
  • +592 227 7698
  • Communities
NameYupukari - Caiman House


Caiman House Field Station is: a field station for ecological research and educational programmes; The headquarters of Rupununi Learners Incorporated; The office of Yupukari Crafters; The location of the Yupukari Public Library; A comfortable, rustic guest house for travelers, researchers and students. 




We welcome you to stay with us at the Guest House. A two-storey structure, the Guest House sleeps 7 to 9 people in four bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. The Field Station has additional accommodation for up to 6 visitors in three rooms, two of which share a public bathroom. We also have lots of space for those who wish to be more rugged and tie a hammock. Caiman House Field Station and the Guest House are powered 24hrs a day by a large solar array. Standard U.S. electrical outlets are located in all rooms so charging equipment is easy. The entire station is served by wireless internet access, which is included with your stay.

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