New Tropicana Hotel

 This hotel was built in 1950.  they are in the center of Georgetown, just one step away fro St. ...

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Bushmasters Inc

Address40 Beverly Hills Drive Lethem Region 9
  • (+592) 682-4175
  • Tour Operators
NameBushmasters Inc

Bushmasters was formed to give a more exciting, extreme, and remote experience. Be warned, it is not intended for people who want to waltz into the jungle with a host of porters carrying all their gear, lighting all their fires, cooking all their food. Unlike most companies, we do not take you on jungle trails that have been cut so wide that you could almost drive a car along them, nor do we take you to luxury jungle lodges with high-speed internet connections and luxury spa treatments. Our trips are completely different, deliberately so. They are designed for people who want fun, adventure and are willing to push themselves.

The idea behind Bushmasters is to bring back the true adventurous spirit for those who are game for the challenge.

This includes:

  • Unique experiences and a story to dine out on for life.
  • Tough, remote and true adventures.
  • Return to age-old explorer spirit.
  • The client does the work, not some hired hand.
  • Conservation of the environment.
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