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Stay In Georgetown

In Georgetown and its environs

Ariantze Hotel
Address: 176 Middle Street, Cummingsburg, Georgetown
Tel: (592)226-5363/ 225-0634/ 225-0644
Fax: (592)227-0210
Email: ariantze@networksgy.com
Website: www.ariantzesidewalk.com

Cara Lodge
Address:249 Quamina Street.
P.O.Box 10833,Georgetown.
Tel: (592)225-5301/ 15 .Fax: (592)225-5310
Email: caralodge@carahotels.com
Website: www.carahotels.com

Grand Coastal Hotel
Address: 1 & 2 Area M Le Ressouvenir,
East Coast Demerara
Tel: (592)220-1091/ 220-1288/ 220-2046 .Fax: (592)220-1498
Email: reservations@grandcoastal.com
Website: www.grandcoastal.com

Herdmanston Lodge
Address:65 Peter Rose & Anira Street,
Queenstown, Georgetown.
Tel: (592)225-0808/ 0811
Fax: (592)231-7904
Email: stay@herdmanstonlodge.com
Website: www.herdmantsonlodge.com

Palace De Leon Hospitality Inc.
Address:71 Croal St.
Stabroek, Georgetown
Tel; (592)226-5278/227-7019/226-6374
Email: leonlesruth@yahoo.com

Princess Hotel and Casino
Address: Providence, East Bank Demerara
Tel; (592) 265-7001-30
Fax; (592)265-7002
Email: petal@princesshotelguyana.com
Website: www.princesshotelguyana.com

Roraima Residence Inn
Address:8 Eping Avenue,
Bel Air Park Georgetown.
Tel: (592)225-9647-8/225-9650, Fax: (592)225-9646
Email: rriops@hotmail.com
Website: www.roraimaairaways.com

Roraima Duke Lodge
Address:94-95 Duke Street,
Kingston, Georgetown
Tel: (592) 231 7220, 227 2213
Fax: (592) 227 3816
Email: roraimadukelodge@hotmail.com
Website: www.roraimaairways.com

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