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In keeping with our commitment to strengthen our tourism industry, please  find below  a listing of our partners who continue to make it all possible, and to whom we will forever be thankful for their support.

Public Sector Agencies

 Non - Governmental Organisations (International)

  • USAID - GTIS Guyana ( Instrumental in the development of the birding initiative in Guyana and training for sector members to market and provide birding tours)
  • Canadian Executive Services Organisation through CIDA ( Instrumental in the  HRD Programme delivered to the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  • Conservation International -  Guyana : (Continues to lend support to the rural and  indigenous development  programmes)

Non - Governmental Organisations (Local)

 Private  Sector  Agencies

  • Private Sector Commission of Guyana :
  • Rupununi Chambers of Commerce and Industry 
  • Linden Chambers of Commerce
  • Guyana Arts and Craft Producers' Association


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