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Kaieteur is a true wilderness area. There are no roads, no luxurious hotels, no protecting guard ...

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  • Press Release on  Guyana's Participation in British  Birdwatching  Fair - August 25, 2011 : click here
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USAID GTIS Project in partnership with the Government of Guyana through the Guyana Tourism Authority.




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Explore Guyana 2012

This  edition of the Explore Guyana features adventure tourists  abseiling from  Kaieteur Top into the Kaieteur Gorge with the  Falls  in the background.

 (C)Image courtesy of Bushmasters Inc.








 Explore Guyana  2011

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This year's edition cover  is Wai Wai Elder Marawanaw with  his  bamboo flute  in his  native village  of Masakenyari, Upper  Essequibo River, Guyana.

The  Wai Wai  is one of  nine Indigenous Tribes of Guyana.

 (C) Image Courtesy of Conservation International Guyana and the Wai Wai Community of Konashen District.



 Explore Guyana 2010

A very warm Guyanese welcome to all.

I am are very excited about this year’s production of the Explore Guyana 2010 and trust that it gives you a representative insight of the beauty and choice of activities which await you in Guyana.

If you are considering visiting our unique country, I hope the vision which you get from our magazine will encourage you to visit us very soon. Experience for yourself some of our great Hotels or interior Lodges or book a tour into our formidable interior, where a feast of nature awaits you.

If you’re considering visiting us here in Guyana please don’t hesitate, Just come and experience all that Guyana has to offer.....

Excerpt of Welcome Message from Explore Guyana 2010 given by the President of THAG; Mr Paul Stephenson.

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Community Tourism Enterprise Development in the Rupununi

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