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About THAG

The Tourism & Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG).
The  Tourism and Hospitality Association of  Guyana  is a not for profit, private sector led organization,
  • Dedicated to being a catalyst in sustainable tourism development.
  • Committed  to fostering professionalism and encouraging  the  delivery of quality service to all  who utilise our  services and products, whilst  simultaneously
  • providing benefits to members and representing their interests.  
THAG has committed itself to the development of the tourism industry across Guyana, and that of its members - to provide the highest quality of professional services.
Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) was established  on January 6, 1992, by a group of pioneers in the industry. Initially called (TAG) Tourism Association of Guyana , its main aim was to lobby for the establishment of the Tourism Board as a legal entity.
In early 1999, TAG evolved into the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG ) in recognition of the length and breadth of the Tourism Industry across  the  destination.
On June 11, 2002 , THAG’s lobbying finally bore fruit when the Government of Guyana established the Guyana Tourism Authority. Government of Guyana thereafter began to recognize the contribution of THAG, to  the advancement of the tourism and hospitality industry of Guyana.
THAG holds seats on the Board of Directors of the Guyana Tourism Authority (NTO) and the Council of the Private Sector Commission  ( Guyana) representing the interests of the private sector operators. 
The Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) is an umbrella body for tourism related entities; such as:
  • Restaurants, Bars and night clubs
  • Accommodation facilities; Eco-resort owners, hotels, inns, guest houses, lodges
  • Tour operators and Tour guides
  • Domestic and international air carriers
  • Travel agencies and Tourism consultants
  • Community Based Tourism Initiatives

Membership and Governance

  • To extend membership throughout the length and breath of Guyana
  • To establish and enforce a Code of ethics or moral principles to be followed in all business dealings between members in Guyana, their patrons and other bodies interested in the tourism and hospitality industry.
  • To make regulations and by-laws in a manner provided for in the Constitution for more efficient operation of the business of the association.
  • To promote legislation calculated to benefit, improve and expand the tourism industry of Guyana.

Employment and Labour Relations

  • To engage, hire, appoint or otherwise obtain the services of staff , employees, servants, contractors, agents, brokers, salesmen, representatives of any other persons, firms, establishments or companies in Guyana or elsewhere ,w hose services or assistance may be required by the Association for the purpose of all or any of its undertakings and to remunerate such persons, firms establishments or companies rendering services to the Association either by cash payments or otherwise, as may be thought expedient.
  • To promote fair and harmonious labour relations between members and their employees and to assist them in labour disputes.

Promotion and Public Relations

  • To represent, foster, develop, encourage and improve the tourism and hospitality industry, establish standards and make regulations which the Association may from time to time deem conducive to the better operation and expansion of the said Industry.
  • To assist in promoting business for its members and particularly in developing every aspect of the industry.
  • To undertake such research, experiments, enquiries and work as shall be considered necessary to develop and improve the tourism and hospitality industry.
  • To adopt such means, including all types of publicity, promotion and advertisement of making known all aspects of the industry, as well as the work of the Association.
  • To advise, inform and assist in such manner and to such extent as may be found by the Association to be possible and convenient,a ll persons, firms, establishments, companies or authorities, whether members or not, on all matters related directly or indirectly to the tourism and hospitality industry.
  • To foster foreign and local goodwill towards the tourism and hospitality of Guyana.
  • To confer, correspond, deal or enter into any arrangements with any Government or authorities (central, municipal, local or otherwise)or any companies , firms , organizations, or persons as may be deemed conducive to the attainment of the Association’s objectives.

Exhibitions and Fund Raising

  • To promote tradeshows, exhibitions, and also centres or companies for the purpose of reservations, sales advertising, publicity, transportation and communication and any other place of operation in any area of Guyana or in any other country, as the Association may consider necessary.
  • To promote fund-raising projects to meet the expenses of the Association and for the further development of the planned activities of the Association.
Production of the Official  Guide to Guyana, the  Explore Guyana Magazine
The Explore  Guyana  is an  annual  publication that  the  Association launches at World Travel Market.  It is a key marketing  tool for the members of the Association and  businesses  across  Guyana.
The Tourism and Hospitality Association is managed through the Board of Directors led by the President comprising seven (7) members appointed by the Membership of the Association.
 The Board of Directors  comprises:
The President , The  Vice President, The  Treasurer,  Four (4)  Committee Members.
The Executive Director serves as the  Ex- Officio and Company Secretary to the  Board of Directors.
The Association ‘s Secretariat is administered by an Executive Director with one staff; the Executive Officer.
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Interested in  joining the Association,  send  an  email to . To learn why you should  become a member of THAG, please Click here 


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